Vaping vs Smoking

“What ever happened to just rolling a joint and smoking it”

This is something we hear a lot from consumers and let me tell you what happened to just rolling a joint.

The stereotype that Cannabis can give you lung cancer has been diminished but that doesn’t mean there isn’t downfalls to smoking. Inhaling any sort of combustion isn’t good for our health, it doesn’t matter what you’re burning. Combustion of plant material that releases smoke, carbon dioxide, other harmful byproducts into the lungs. Cannabis itself releases one hundred different toxins and compounds when burned. This can make people more prone to respiratory infections, bronchitis and lung infections.

We all like to save money and to get the most out of anything we pay for. When you burn Cannabis via joint, pipe, bong etc. you are burning the cannabinoids rather than heating them and releasing them in a vapor smoke. Therefore when you are burning through your dry herb you’re not getting the benefits of all the cannabinoid compounds. Many people find their product lasts longer when using a dry herb vaporizer, this is because you are slowly heating without burning and heat releases those active ingredients. Keep your vaporized herb and use it to make edibles later. Resulting in saving you money and herb!

Your experience can vary depending on consumption method, terpenes and strain. With a dry herb vaporizer that has a temperature control on it, you can gage your high a little bit more. Higher temperatures = higher time.

  • If you are feeling like an intense euphoria with a sedative and total relaxation high – Burn at 370°F to 430°F.

  • For an elevated mood, relaxing and moderate euphoria high – Burn at 330°F to 370°F.

  • Today is the day you need to get things done, to be productive, focused, a little relaxed and just a mild bit of euphoria – Burn at 310°F to 330°F.

“A strain that’s high in CBD (non-intoxicating, relaxing, anti-epileptic), for example, must be heated to the compound’s boiling point of 356°F if you’re to reap its benefits. Likewise, the relaxing terpene linalool isn’t unleashed until you hit 388°F.” – Leafly

What we love about vaping is how discreet it is. It produces a smaller cloud of smoke, little to no odour and it enhances the flavour of your herb. Vapes are more expensive up front but in the long run can save you money by getting more out of your bud. Many consumers that have switched to vaping only, have noticed a big difference in their respiratory system and people with problematic respiratory have even felt relief from vaping. We have a great selection of hand held conduction and convection vaporizors in store to suit all needs, novice or expert. The staff at Earth’s Own Naturals can help you find one to suit all of your vaping needs.