Travelling With Cannabis

“I can take my Cannabis across the US boarder right?!”… WRONG!

Cannabis legislation is confusing and a lot changed with legalization but the one thing that did stay the same is that you CANNOT cross international boarders with your Cannabis. Even though Cannabis is legalized federally in Canada doesn’t mean that you can bring it places that it isn’t legal. Yes California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Alaska, Michigan, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and Colorado are legal states. That doesn’t cover all of the US, meaning it’s not federally legalized like Canada.

You can travel and fly within Canada with up to 30g of federally regulated dried Cannabis, make sure that your Cannabis is in a sealed container so that your not skunking up the plane. Yes you can have it in your carry on and no you cannot consume it on the plane or in a vehicle. Another thing to consider is the fact that every province has different laws, you may be of legal age in Alberta but you aren’t in BC and this can get you in a bit of trouble while travelling across provincial boarders. Keep in mind that due to bad weather, flights can detour and make an emergency landing in the states. This can result in criminal charges, being refused entry into the U.S or ban for life from the country. If this is something that your worried about then we suggest to buy your product when you land, since you can do that because it’s legal EVERYWHERE in this beautiful country. Oh how lucky we are..