Tolerance Breaks

“I’m just not getting high anymore”

As human beings we build tolerances to many things, including Cannabis. There are several reasons why you may want to take a tolerance break, some people might not feel they need it and that’s ok. We are all very different and Cannabis reacts very different for everyone.

Maybe guilt is weighing on your shoulders, the feeling like your not accomplishing much and are running away from your problems. But why? At one time consuming made me so creative and motivated.

Does it take priority over other life responsibilities? Leaving you again feeling guilty because you didn’t do the things you should have done. Procrastination at its finest.

Or is that your just not getting “that stoned” anymore, making you feel a bit of a body high with no head high, or no high at all and just a burnt out feeling. This can also result in spending way to much money on herb because your smoking extra to try and get that nice euphoric feeling again.

First step: get rid of all of your weed, give it to friends or whatever you have to do. If there is weed in the house, you will smoke it.

Second step: tell your friends that your taking a break, this way people can support you when you could really use a toke.

Third step: pick a date and stick to it, just imagine the amazing high you’ll have at the end.

Fourth step: keep yourself distracted, you’ll be amazed at how much spare time you have.

How long should I break for?

Your CB1 receptors will begin to replenish themselves just after two days and will continue for 3-4 weeks.

Reasoning for wanting to take a tolerance break will vary from person to person, whether it’s for a drug test, court orders and other legal issues. Vacations in a non Cannabis friendly place, to save money and to optimize your THC experience.

When returning to the plant you should ease into it, baby steps are key. Depending on how long your break was you could be a real “light weight” by the end. A tolerance break is a great reminder of what this plant has to offer, when you get the euphoric, uplifting and creative feeling again. You should feel clear headed at the end and through this you will understand the power of a good tolerance break and your appreciation for Cannabis will grow.