Regulated Cannabis Packaging

“We also need to send far less garbage to landfills and re-think what we do with waste.”

This is the same government that has legalized recreational Cannabis and decided to package it as if it were a poisonous toxin. They are telling us to re-think how much garbage we produce, however we must buy legal Cannabis that is packaged in several layers of garbage. Kind of contradicting themselves, wouldn’t you say?

“Reducing the amount of waste we produce is by far the most effective way to diminish the flow of garbage into landfill. To be really effective, we have to incorporate the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – into our daily routine. This means reducing and reusing materials and packaging wherever possible and participating in municipal recycling programs. Materials and packaging that cannot be reused should be recycled at home, work and school. Canadians can also help create a circular economy by purchasing recycled and recyclable products and letting businesses and institutions know when they can improve their practices to conserve resources and protect the environment.”

A break down of Health Canada’s excessive packaging regulations:

GIANT stop sign Packages must have “THC” Cannabis symbol in standardized colours and be 1.27cm by 1.27cm.

Container Must be smooth in texture, matt finish, one colour, opaque, translucent and child resistant. Cannot be metallic, fluorescent or have heat activated ink, secret panels, or cut out window, no smell or noise.

Company Name – LP’s have a bit more leniency with this, however it cannot be metallic, fluorescent and no bigger than the Health Canada warning message.

Health Canada Warnings – Pre-written warnings in English and French, must be in yellow and black.

Logo/Brand Name – If LP’s are using a brand name, it cannot be bigger than Health Canada pre-written warning. If a logo is being used it must be same size or smaller than “THC” Cannabis symbol.

Excise Stamp – Proves that producer has paid federal excise tax on product.

Cannabis Class – Whether it is dried flower, oil, seeds etc.

Package Date – Must have package date/expiry date or that no expiry date has been determined.

THC/CBD – Total THC and CBD, in milligrams for oil and percentage for dried flower.

Bar Code – Legally not aloud to have colour, must be in black and white.

Contact Info – Must have name, phone number and email of LP.

Lot Number – For recall purposes.

Weight – In grams. Health Canada allows for it to vary slightly from package to package, by 10% up to 2 grams, and 5% for packages containing more than that — which means if you order the maximum allowable 30 grams, you could get up to one and a half more or fewer grams than you paid for.” (Thank you Lift & Co for educating)

If you are someone who lives a green lifestyle and tries to be conscious about how much garbage or recycling you produce. Well your actually completely hooped when it comes to regulated, legal Cannabis. As every producer has to be Health Canada compliant, therefore you will not be able to buy legal Cannabis and be successful in your “no waste” lifestyle. Ya it sucks.. a lot.

The frustration and concerns that come along with the Health Canada packaging is understandable. Trust us, we are right there with you. There isn’t much we can do at this time, however we are asking people to bring their concerns to your local MP. Through education we can work together to help the Cannabis industry grow and with this information we ask for your patience and understanding. We are all doing our best and working towards a positive change.