Public Cannabis Consumption: Do’s and Don’ts

When socializing with Cannabis, there are some things you need to know: Cannabis rules & guidelines: where u can and can not consume including carrying limits & travelling with cannabis.

It’s always important to be aware of carrying and consumption regulations, especially if you’re travelling. Of course, we will be strictly speaking on Canadian cannabis legislation, specifically regulations in British Columbia. It’s also important to consider your impact on the environment of those around you. Not everyone is comfortable with cannabis use, nor is it appropriate to use cannabis around certain groups of people.

How much cannabis can I carry with me?

Within Canada, an individual may carry up to 30g of dried cannabis flower, or the equivalent in edibles, beverages, oil, topicals, extracts, etc. Each category may be weighted differently and you should always ask your budtenders about equivalency.

Who can consume Cannabis in BC?

Adults over the age of 19 may consume cannabis in British Columbia.

Where is smoking or vaping cannabis permitted?

Adults can generally smoke or vape cannabis in a public place where smoking and vaping tobacco is not prohibited, however, there are some additional areas where smoking and vaping cannabis will not be permitted.

    • Health board property, except in designated smoking areas
    • public buildings, workplaces, or common areas of apartments, condos, or dormitories.
    • Within 6 metres of air intakes, windows, and doorways that are attached to the places listed above.
    • At a bus stop, transit shelter, train station or stop, taxi stand, ferry dock or stop, or similar places marked for passenger loading or unloading.
    • Within 6 metres of a bus stop.
    • At the following outdoor places: playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, swimming pools and spray pools, and on any decks or seating areas associated with those places
    • In regional and municipal parks, except for designated campsites.
    • In provincial parks, except for areas identified or designated by a sign or a park officer
    • On public patios (for example, a restaurant patio)

Community care facilities, assisted living residences, and hospitals may designate specific rooms in which residents or patients can smoke or vape cannabis.

If a hotel allows it, registered hotel guests can smoke or vape cannabis in their hotel room.

Are there any other restrictions on cannabis use in public spaces?

In addition to the smoking and vaping restrictions above, there are some places where all forms of cannabis consumption, for example, ingestion of cannabis oil, are prohibited. These places may include:

    • In or on school property, and on sidewalks and boulevards adjacent to school property.
    • In private licensed cannabis stored and in BC Cannabis Stores.
    • While being a passenger in a vehicle or boat, with a few exceptions.
    • While operating a vehicle or boat.


What are the exemptions to prohibitions on consuming cannabis in a vehicle?

An adult is allowed to consume cannabis in a vehicle if the vehicle is:

    • A motor home, camper, or trailer
    • Being used as a temporary or permanent residence, and;
    • Parked in an area where camping is allowed, provided it is not a public road or forest service road.

What are the exemptions to prohibitions on consuming cannabis on a boat?


An adult is allowed to consume cannabis on a boat if:

    • The boat has permanent sleeping accommodations, cooking facilities, and a toilet.
    • Is being used as a temporary or permanent residence, and;
    • Is moored or anchored.

An adult is allowed to consume cannabis on a commercial boat if:

    • They are a passenger on a commercial boat that allows the consumption of cannabis onboard
    • They have an assigned enclosed room
    • The cannabis is only consumed in their assigned enclosed room

As you can see, there are a number of regulations and restrictions on cannabis use in public. It’s important to remain discrete and respectful while consuming cannabis in these spaces. As a cannabis community, we want to continue to rise above the stigma that prohibition has cast upon us.

We hope this information has helped to shed some light and clarity on the rules and regulations we, as a community, are expected to know and follow. As always, should you ever have any cannabis-related questions don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable budtender team!

Stay kind, Happy Blazing!!