Over Indulging

We all know someone who’s done it, heck we’ve all done it once or twice!

Lots of people have consumed Cannabis at one point in their life, whether it was digesting or smoking and they didn’t have a good time. There are so many factors for this: maybe consumed Cannabis at too young of an age, bad environment, had no idea of the dose, or how much to inhale and most importantly what even were they consuming?! Every strain reacts different to every brain. Something that works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. So if one strain doesn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean that Cannabis isn’t for you but maybe that type, consumption method or THC level isn’t for you.

Don’t try to “keep up”. If your friend can drink a 24 pack of beer to them self, would you? Probably not, especially if you never drink. Because there is a good chance that your friend is seasoned and maybe drinks a 24 pack of beer twice a weekend. Cannabis is no different, if you never consume and your standing in a circle with a fatty going around and it’s coming up to you. Take a small hoot, wait, see how you feel and maybe you’ll want to say pass the next time around. Don’t be embarrassed to say pass, your friends in the circle maybe consume daily and have a high tolerance.

Over indulging can cause panic attacks, anxiety or paranoia, this can result in sweaty hands, increased heart rate, your body tenses up and your thoughts could run a million miles per minute. This is when people say “Cannabis is not for me” but when you ask the person, well what was the scenario?

“I had never smoked before and my friend gave me a gravity bong to try”… well duh!

That will send you to the moon and you wont know how to get back, this can be the worst feeling. Ever.

Steps to take if you have over indulged:

    1. Know your limits and toke within it.
    2. Acknowledge what you’re feeling is due to the Cannabis and nothing else.
    3. Take deep breathes, don’t panic, try to calm your emotions.
    4. Have a shower, run cold water over the nape of your neck and face. Refresh.
    5. Chew or sniff some peppercorns, yuck but really it does work.
    6. Hydrate and snack. Lemonade or some fresh mango, because citrus is your friend.
    7. Keep yourself busy, listen to music, clean your house, do some crafts, exercise, go for a walk and get some fresh air.
    8. Lastly remind yourself that no one has ever died from a Cannabis induced “overdose”, this feeling will pass and if you need some help convincing yourself than call a friend to help calm you down.

A few things to think about when you’re buying Cannabis: The fruitier the smell the better, just like having citrus to calm Cannabis caused anxiety. Fruity strains have a lower anxiety response. THC level is key, maybe don’t pick the 23% Delahaze but the 12% Cold Creek Kush. Better yet find a strain that has equal parts or higher CBD to THC. When it comes to Cannabis anxiety, CBD is your absolute best friend. It helps counteract the psychoactive effects of THC, put a few drops of CBD oil under your tung before toking and this might be exactly what you need to conquer your Cannabis anxiety.

Educating people on safe consumption, proper dosing, different strains and THC/CBD levels is how more people will have a positive Cannabis experience. If you’re at a gathering and you see this happening to someone, lend a hand, help in anyway you know how because we have all been there and it really does suck.