Kootenay Sober

What is Kootenay Sober?

I am sure many of you have heard of “Dry January”, where you don’t drink for an entire month to reset. We are taking a different approach to the New Year with “Kootenay Sober”. For the month of January no alcohol just good kush.

Why Should I Try Kootenay Sober?

Say goodbye to waking up hungover unaware of last night’s antics, drunken late-night shopping and horrible sleep. Instead, enjoy your favourite cocktails a little differently… Try a Cannabis Infused cocktail like a Ginger Mule, Cranberry Cosmo, or even Beer. Still enjoy drinks with friends after a day on the slopes, hanging out at a fire, or simply relaxing at home. Canna bevies are a great alternative to the classic cocktail, taking roughly the same amount of time to kick in. Regulations have made dosing really simple, with drinks ranging from 2mg-10mg of THC per drink.

What is so great about Cannabis Beverages?

Cannabis beverages have been growing in popularity since they first became available in 2018. Putting a twist on all your favourite beverages from Gingerale to Beer there is a flavour for everyone. New cannabis drinks are launching all the time as the demand continues to grow.

Part of their popularity is due to them being a very discreet method of cannabis consumption. Thus making them a great option for parties. Many people chose to use cannabis beverages for their efficiency they are 4 times faster than the typical edible due to how they are processed in the body. Typical Edibles are processed through your stomach and liver, taking 1-4 hours to feel the effects. Whereas Canna-infused beverages are processed through the stomach lining making them much faster only taking 10-15 minutes to feel the effects.

How are they made?

Step 1

The process to make a cannabis beverage is very unique. The first step is creating a cannabis extract. This is done using CO2 extraction, pressure and heat. The CO2 is added to raw cannabis and then turned into a gas and evaporated until all that remains is concentrated cannabis extract.

Step 2

Next is a process called short path distillation. In this process, a cannabis extract is turned into cannabis distillate. This occurs by using a very precise vacuum and heat control. So then the extract is refined. Once it is refined into cannabis distillate it is ready to be added to a beverage.

Step 3

As we learned in science class oil is not water-soluble. So it has to be added to a blending agent. The process for this is called emulsification. The blending agent bonds with the cannabis distillate allowing it to become water-soluble. Once the flavour is added it becomes ready to drink.

Emulsification is used in many food products, including but not limited to whipped cream, mayonnaise, and butter.

So will you hop on the Cannabis Beverage train?

A variety of cannabis beverages are available in store, ask your budtender about what flavours and doses we carry.