Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds, To buy or to grow?

Growing your own cannabis plants can be time-consuming and uncertain, but successfully cultivating feminized seeds is well worth the effort. To do so, you’ll need both a female and male cannabis plant – with only females able to produce these sought after seeds once they’ve been pollinated by their pollen-spreading counterpart. All it takes is placing them side by side; however note that this process may take up to 6 weeks before yielding results – leaving many turning towards trusted vendors for quality assurance of their desired buds!

Identifying a healthy seed for optimal growth

Differentiating healthy mature seeds from unhealthy ones can often be tricky; but with a bit of practice, determining the healthiest can become second nature. Healthy seeding usually appear in shades and combinations such as black, brown or both. Depending on the strain you are dealing with, they might have diverse patterns like spotted or stripped colours – sometimes even multi-colour! Indica strains tend to display more colour variation while solid hues may occur among Sativa varieties; however this rule is not always true due to every seed’s unique characteristics.

The size of the cannabis seed does not matter. Seeds can be as small as a tomato seed and as large as a small pea. White widow for example has smaller seeds and is one of the top producers. Some plants will produce seeds of a variety of shapes and sizes in the same cycle. Never discard a seed just because it is a different shape or size.

The feel of the seed is an important factor in determining a potential plant’s health. For robust germination, mature seeds must have hard outer shells that can withstand pressure applied by fingers without causing any damage to them; otherwise they won’t be suitable for sowing yet.

Float Test for Cannabis Seeds

Start your green thumb journey with a float test; an easy, scientific way to gauge the quality and maturity of seeds. No need for heavy lab equipment – all you’ll need is a bowl of water!

To determine the quality of cannabis seeds, you can put them to the test with a simple experiment. Just fill up a glass of distilled water and place your potential seed-starters on top. After an hour or two, any healthy seeds will sink – these are then ready for germination! This is a good test to give you a general idea of the quality of your seeds but it’s not a 100% and these floating seeds may still germinate. But don’t forget: once completed this step is just the beginning; read Leafly’s article from Cannabis Seeds 101 https://www.leafly.ca/learn/growing/cannabis-seeds-101 to learn more about how best to proceed in getting those little sprouts off and growing strong.

Best Practices for Storing Cannabis Seeds:

The way you store your seeds is very important, incorrect storage can cause a host of issues with your seeds. Don’t forget seeds are living organisms, they are just in rest mode similar to hibernation. This means your seeds can die. You want to give your seeds an optimal chance of survival when storing them until you are ready to begin the growing process.

Cannabis seeds have 4 main enemies, humidity, light, temperature and oxygen. The best place to store seeds is in a cool, dark, dry place in their original packaging. If cannabis seeds are exposed to light or rapid changes in temperature it can cause them to use up their nutrient storage. Making it impossible to germinate. If they are exposed to high humidity they can grow fungi. If you do take the seeds out of the original packaging make sure to keep them in a sealed container in the dark and add a humidity pack to help fight fungus.

Ready to start growing Cannabis? Our range of feminized seeds provide the perfect opportunity. With proper storage and expert guidance, you can ensure your cultivation process is as successful and sustainable as possible. Take that first step with us today – join on an exciting journey towards a thriving cannabis plant!