Dry Weed? No Problem.

Two things we hear the most complaints about since legalization:

“What’s with the packaging?” That’s a whole other conversation, for another day.

“I squish the bud and POOOF”… dryer than a popcorn fart.

Having trouble putting the dank back into your kush?

Leave that slice of bread in your bag of brown sugar, you won’t be needing it.

A few reasons for your weed being so dry are the process that the Licensed producers have to put the bud through to make it “Health Canada” approved, plastic packaging and package dates. Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about the plastic packaging as of right now, but trust us people are working on it. Many of you probably know that keeping your dry herb in anything plastic is less than ideal. Cannabis in plastic can result in degradation of your herb caused by light, air and temperature fluctuation. Light can also cause the THC to breakdown, therefore clear glass isn’t best. Plastics can leak estrogen mimic and may not be BPA free. As legalization evolves we hope the packaging dates aren’t so old and the growers can find a solution for this dry weed problem. To be fair this isn’t the Licensed producers fault, the stipulations that they are required to meet don’t give them much room for change.

For the meantime, we have a few solutions to help your dry weed problem.

So what should you be stashing your herb in?

Something dark, glass and with a tight seal.

Ultraviolet Jar – Made with Miron Violet glass, this glass is mainly used for preserving bioactive substances. You can fit roughly 3.5-7g of dried flower in a jar and comes with an oil pencil to write the strains on top.

Integra 2-Way Humidity packs – Releases or absorbs moisture as needed to create an optimal environment.

  • FDA approved

  • Biodegradable (yaaay!)

  • Non toxic

  • 100% Salt free (Doesn’t alter the taste)

  • Spill and tear resistant

  • Food grade approved ink (Boveda ink is not)

  • Indicator card (Tells you when pack is done)

The staff at Earth’s Own have personally tested both of these products and were very pleased with the results, there is only a few stash jars left so don’t miss out. Until Health Canada comes up with a solution for the dry weed problem, we’ve got your back. Buy a stash jar and we will throw in a free integra pack, that way you can see how it really works! These two items together.. will definitely put the dank back into your kush.