Craft Cannabis, Worth the Hype?

The cannabis industry is an ever-changing one. In the last few years, the variety of products has continued to evolve and expand. Craft Cannabis isn’t new to the game, but its recognition certainly is.

So what is Craft Cannabis anyways?

“Craft Cannabis” refers to superior-quality cannabis grown in small batches, prioritizing quality over quantity, through its hands-on approach. These smaller producers also known as “micro-producers” tend to each

individual plant much closer. Ensuring the best quality possible. From seedling to curing the plants are monitored extremely closely.

What Makes Craft Cannabis Different From Commercial Cannabis

The biggest difference between Craft Cannabis and Commercial cannabis is quality over quantity. Craft Cannabis focuses on smaller batches from smaller companies, whereas commercial cannabis focuses more on quantity with much larger companies. Craft growers focus more on getting the best genetics, flavour profile, effects, and smell. Craft growers watch their plants from seedling to harvesting to curing. Usually having limited strains in order to perfect them. Each strain has its unique watering, growing, and harvesting schedule. Commercial growers usually focus more on the scale and how quickly they can get the products to their retailers. Using machines to trim and package products. With most plants on the same watering, and harvesting cycle.

Is Craft Cannabis right for me?

If you are looking for top-shelf cannabis, from local producers, with tender loving care and eco-friendly farming… Craft Cannabis is perfect for you. Craft Cannabis is meant for veteran smokers who have been around the block a time or two. The connoisseur that looks for great flavour profiles, high terpenes, and potent puffs.

Our Favourite Craft Strain

Our favourite strain in stock right now is hands down Pink Velvet #44.

Pink Velvet is grown right here in BC. It is a phenomenal Indica and has a fantastic flavour profile with notes of floral and berry. It has beautiful pink-hued buds. The main terpenes are Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene. “The Pink Velvet #44 is seriously smooth smoking, has a great taste with high terps, and long-lasting high. It’s a must-try!” -Dave

So is craft Cannabis worth the hype?

Absolutely! Craft Cannabis is definitely worth the hype. Give it a try to enhance your experience. Come chat with us in-store to learn more about the craft strains we carry, and ask any other questions you may have.