Cannabis Smoking Etiquette

What is Socially Acceptable in the Cannabis Community!


What Is Smoking Etiquette?

A lovely, old-fashioned smoking sesh is a staple in the life of cannabis consumers around the globe. With the smoke sesh come a variety of questions. Should I bring my weed? How long can I keep the joint before I have to pass it? While there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules to smoking weed, some things to consider will make the whole experience much more comfortable and enjoyable for all involved. Smoking etiquette put simply, are the unwritten rules and considerations all canna-enthusiasts should follow when smoking in a social setting. A careless smoker is one of the few things that can disrupt a relaxing smoke session. Whether they dominate the supply, blow smoke at the rest of you, or pocket your lighter at the end, you’re unlikely to want to smoke with them again. Smoking with friends should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, so ensure you aren’t breaching any sacred smoking rules.

#1: Keep your germs to yourself if you are sick

This rule should go without saying, especially with Covid but don’t share a joint with your friends if you’re sick or not feeling well. This is common sense: you don’t want to share your sickness with others by putting a joint in your mouth and then passing it around. If you still want to smoke weed while sick, smoke alone at home, or have your own small joint or pipe but don’t share it with the rest of your smoking circle. If they know you’re sick, they won’t think you’re being selfish for not sharing.

#2: Bring Some To Share

You might get away with having none of your own once, maybe even a couple of times. However, stoner etiquette kind of intimates you are a selfish moocher if you make a habit of this. Your mother, the cat, and other excuses do not cut it. If you cannot get access, at least offer to contribute monetarily. Weed is not cheap anywhere.

#3: Please Ask Before Adding Tobacco

Some people mix weed with other substances, including tobacco. If you are in a circle where you think this might be an issue, raise it. Most circles will accommodate you. Or you could consider adopting their tradition. Up to you.

#4: If You Roll It, You Light It

Not everyone is so firm on this, but as a rule of thumb, the person who took the time to roll the cannabis into a joint is the one that will light it. This usually helps make sure the joint will burn more evenly, as the person who rolled it will know the best way to light up their own joints.

#5: Don’t Slobber On The Joint

Try to encourage the use of filters so this is easier, to begin with. However, be careful about how and where your lips touch the spliff. Nobody likes a soggy joint!

#6: Follow The Rotation

Left is law, right is tight, whichever way you pass the cannabis to keep it moving in that order, this is the only way to guarantee everyone will get a decent hit of product. If you lose the rotation order, let everyone know you’re restarting it and try it again!

#7: Puff, Puff, Pass.

This term means taking more than one hit when it’s your turn in the rotation. There are a couple of equally hazardous etiquette busters that are closely related. Bogarting is holding onto the weed longer than you should. Take a hit or two and pass it along. No great story you tell; it will be better if everyone is equally buzzed. In the case of joint passing, if you are down to burning your fingers, try to ask around before squashing it out. You never know. Someone might collect their roaches.

#8: Corner your bowl

Cornering your bowl means taking hits to preserve more of the “greens” of the bowl, the opposite of roasting the whole thing in one toke. Your friends’ll always appreciate you for saving those greens so everyone gets a clean, tasty hit.

#9: Do Not Blow Smoke In Someone’s Face

So not cool it should not need to be said. Enjoying weed is a joyful, deliberate event. Why even go there? Also, in this vein, do not blow smoke in animals’ faces. They do not enjoy it, and it can even harm them.

#10: No Room For Peer Pressure

Ganja is great. It is Lord, according to some people. Or at least a pretty nifty part of “salvation.” But here is the thing. Allow everyone to come to their understanding at their speed. “Evangelizing” is pretty tiresome. If someone around you does not want to smoke, don’t push them. It is a personal choice, and anyway, you look at it, peer pressure isn’t cool.

And no matter if you’re a toker from way back or brand spanking new to the stoner circle, remember not to take it too seriously and have fun. That’s the heart and soul of the weed experience.