Cannabis Beverages and how they work!

We’re into the thick of spring this month! We love springtime, it’s so refreshing! To immerse ourselves in this refreshing time of growth, we want to take the opportunity to highlight cannabis beverages.

We’ve seen a lot of growth in the selection of beverages in the recreational cannabis market since they became available. There are so many different options and more coming out every day, that it can be difficult to know where to start and what you’ll enjoy.

A wide range of THC, CBD, and Balanced beverages is available in unique and easy-to-drink flavors. This makes cannabis beverages suitable for anyone who wants a smoke or alcohol-free option and offers a discrete and comfortable experience.

The method used to infuse regulated cannabis beverages differs from edibles like gummies or chocolates. First, the cannabis extraction process is very refined and complex but there are three fundamental steps that most producers will follow.

    1. CO2 Extraction
    2. Short-path Distillation
    3. Emulsification

CO2 extraction is a process where cannabinoids and terpenes are removed from the raw cannabis material using liquid CO2, immense pressure, and heat. Only the CO2 and concentrated cannabis extract remain once the process is complete.

Next is Short-path Distillation where the cannabis extract is collected and then refined using precise vacuum and heat control, turning the concentrated extract into a refined extract. This refined product is known as distillate and is ready to be added to beverages.

Cannabis distillate is not water-soluble and a blending agent is added allowing it to dissolve in water. This versatile infusion method creates a uniform, consistent, and pleasant cannabis beverage experience. This emulsification process is common in food preparation. Whipped cream, butter, and many types of mixing are great examples of emulsions.

This refined extraction and infusion allow the cannabis product to become more bioavailable, allowing for faster absorption and shorter onset time. While many ingestible cannabis products have an onset of 2-4 hours, cannabis beverages will have a significantly shorter onset time closer to a half-hour. Effects of ingesting cannabis can last as long as 24 hours, know your limit and stay within it.

The cannabis beverages available in store are ready to drink and do not require any prep aside from refrigeration. However, we love to look at cannabis from a DIY lens and have made a YouTube video creating Cannacocktails using our favourite infused beverages and mixing ingredients. Click the link below to check out our video and get inspired for the springtime!

We always suggest allowing yourself the time to feel the full experience of your product before consuming more. Treat yourself to the moment of relaxation and enjoyment, cannabis beverages are about the journey, not the destination. You can always do more, you can never do less…

Check out our beverage menus and put together your Cannacocktail party!

We’d love to hear what creative drink ideas you come up with!! If you need recommendations or want to bounce some thoughts off our budtenders we’re always happy to brainstorm with you!

Wishing you a glorious springtime and happy blazing!!